virt-manager/KVM hardware issues, after update?

I’ve been running a windows 10 VM on virt-manager/KVM for a while now with a VFIO GPU passthrough on a Manjaro host without any issues until recently. I don’t know that it was an update, I’m just assuming…

First an NVME drive over USB3 started acting up. I didn’t do anything special with configuring this, if I plug it in while VM is focused it gets handed to the VM…and that’s how I’ve been using it. It’s been dropping out on the VM side lately but works fine on the host. Didn’t think much of it, I just use it as a scratch disk since I set the VM up without a large amount of dedicated storage.

Yesterday my 10gb NIC started acting up…but only when the VM is running. it’s a QNAP/Aquantia 10gb PCIE card. My Nas has an SMB share that I use to access files with the VM over the network. It was fine for months, now soon as I start to transfer a file to the VM, the card drops completely out, even the Link LEDs on the switch cut off and I can’t get it back until I reboot.

Any ideas how I can get over these issues?