Virgin to overclocking... need help!

Okay, I just built my first ever gaming rig and I want to overclock both the CPU and the GPU. I need to know some general information on how to do it and what is idealistically possible to achieve with it. Thank in advance for the help.


CPU: amd athlon x4 760k

GPU: MSI R9 270x 4gb

Motherboard: gigabyte A88X micro ATX

 RAM: Kingston fury black series 8gb 1600mhz

PSU: Corsair cx 600w

Heatsink: corsair h80i

Case: customer


         Front: 2 120mm fan

         Back: 1 120mm exhaust fan

Open up AMD Catalyst Control Center, go to the Performance tab and click on CPU and GPU overdrive. It will walk you through what to do, which is pretty much let the program do it's own thing.

That program came with your drivers, I have a R9 270X as well but I'm running the Vishera 8350 8 - core processor. 

Don't overclock using software,do it straight from the bios. Just google a 760k oc guide.

Don't do it, preserve your hardware's purity!

sorry I've got nothing constructive just had to get that bad joke out.

Remember that most of gpu bios oc will void warranty :P if they can find out whats wrong with the card :D so if you break it - make sure you break it real good. CPU only from bios as stated above.

For GPU i recommend MSI Afterburner its nice

HERE is a tutorial exactly for FM2 Trinity CPU overclock...

It is a basic tutorial, they just gave you some rules to follow...

My advice - test your a** off... Test, test, test, and then test some for a change... It takes time... 5 minutes Prime95 is not gona cut it... 4 hours Prime95 without issues is much better test... And keep your eyes on CoreTemp, or whatever software you use to check the temperatures...

For a GPU - go for MSI Afterburner... Not an issue, that it is MSI... It works with all GPUs...