Virgin Media SuperHub 2ac

I was wondering if anyone here had used Virgin Media's SuperHub 2 because I wanted to know if it was any good before I get the fibre optics.

Thanks everyone for the replies (:

I have the original SuperHub with a 50Mb/s fibre line. It gives great coverage and is very customize-able compared to some of the routers that other providers give you.

I have quite a big house to decided to use an old router that I had laying around and use it as a wireless access point for upstairs use, this was incredible easy to set up.

Logging into the hub via gives you lots of information on connected devices, GBs down/uploaded, uptime etc. You can also control times and filters per IP Address for example setting childrens devices to a wifi timed limit, website filtering etc.

As far as I'm aware all these features are available with the SuperHub 2 and the only thing that changed was a stronger internal antenna which should in theory give even better coverage than SuperHub 1.

I've been a virgin media customer for 4 years now and they really do deliver a fantastic connection. I will warn though that in my experience, around twice a year the whole network or at least in my area will completely crap out for a few hours, however I've never experienced a throttled or slow connection. So it either works flawless or not at all (Very rare) :L

Also if you're getting TV included in your package, the TiVo box is huge! Slow and in generally very crap. It does get its own 10Mb/s line so it doesn't affect your internet connection at all. However The box is slow to start especially from cold boot which can take 7 - 8 minutes. The YouTube app is experiencing problems at the moment and hasn't been fixed in months :/

Compared to competitors though, this is a very small inconvenience.

To be honest even the slowest speed that you would be getting would be faster than what I have. I'm still using the BT HomeHub 1.0 which to say the least is outdated, BT are charging way to much for such a slow connection, it took me a entire night to download Assassins Creed 2 when I got it on PS3 (this was around 2 years ago) I'm getting speeds of best 2.5 download and averaging a upload of 0.4-0.6 so anything will be an improvement. But my friend (who lives around 100 feet away got it and has really good speeds (152 mbs download) and said his wifi was still in range outside of my house so I think I'll be living in riches with this wifi cause I'm not used to anything like it.

Are you on a different street?

edit: never mind, i imagine your on a street with virgin media since thats what your asking about. so yeah.. BT sucks unless your fibre enabled which not everyone is yet.

unless you have copper from virgin media. but there also hit and miss depending on where you are. sounds like yours would be fine though.

Virgin medias boxes work but are crap, thats what ive been told by someone who worked there and my experiance with a box ive had to work with. There just your usual ISP routers.

I've been using the superhub 2 that came with the fibre optic connection for a year and a half now and it's pretty decent in terms of range and options. Could always switch the router to modem mode and use your own router if you don't like it.