Vintage Laptop Software Issue

I just got a old "Compaq LTE 286". on boot it asks me to insert the "DIAGNOSTIC Diskette." which would of came with the laptop when it was new.

for the laptop to boot i need the Compaq Diagnostic boot disk, for the LTE Laptop.

Dose anyone know where I can find an image of this disk so that I get this laptop up and running.

many thanks.


Dose anyone know if the software for the "Hp Compaq LTE 5280" (which is a newer model works with the older LTE 286.


A useful website about the laptop; (also talks about the disks"

this should be what your after.

you will have to create boot floppies yourself


I would recommend also looking into a newer DOS than what is on that thing. Aim for 5. Also if its an SX chip don't expect anything amazing to happen :P

Thanks for the help.

I managed to get the software on the diskettes for the laptop, however after trying to run disk a it kept on failing. after rebooting the laptop have now got another message

"610-External storage device failure
hit F1 when ready"

I have the feeling that the front floppy has failed since it was making a lot of noise when I inserted the disk.

I have also found a booklet on the LTE laptops which explains the error, however i dont understand what it means.

if anyone knows what’s wrong it would be most helpful

The floppy is bad. If you "burned" the floppy yourself you might want to look into finding fresh disks or keep going through them till you find working ones.

I have the same issue from time to time.

before trying the floppies the computer it would say

162-system options not set (run setup)
insert DIAGNOSTIC diskette in drive A:


after trying to use the newly burnt diskettes I get a new error message

610-External storage device failure
hit F1 when ready

when I press F1 instead of saying disk not found it just reboots the system.

I have the feeling that the on-board floppy drive has stopped working since before this happened it made a sound that sounded like an old printer.

I have also tried adding the floppy on boot but it just goes straight to the message seen above.

or have I accidentally activated something?

The heads may need to be oiled and reseated. Its not difficult nor expensive, I assure you.

Thanks again for the reply.

I just thought realised I forgot to tell you, that I am using the built in floppy drive in the laptop. this could make it a bit more difficult to get it out of the laptop and have and see if they are any issues.

On looking up the error message I found a manual for a newer model of the computer I have.

In the manual it says;

Switch 3 on vertical circuit board is set for an external drive but no tape or diskette drive is installed in the expansion base.

Manual for Compaq LTE Elite

I have had a look and could not see anything else which explains what switch 3 is.

The laptop has a port for an external floppy disk drive so could it be that its trying to use the external drive over the internal drive.

If you still think its the drive do you know any resources which could help me solve this issue

Under a cover on the bottom of the laptop is a DIP switch. This is a manual override that companies used so that nothing could fuck up BIOS wise. Look up a grid of what all the DIP options are.

Hi sorry for the long reply.

They dose not see to be a cover on the bottom of the laptop. the only real covers I can find are

one at the back (for the ports)
two on the side (one for the battery and the other dose not open)

also they are no screw holes under the laptop (unless they are under the rubber feet)

Under the feet, yeah. Thats where they would be.

just removed them and they dose not seem to be any screws under the feet