Vidya Screenshots you could use as a Wallpaper!

I know we have a thread for desktop wallpapers but I would like this dedicated to in game screenshots. Name of the game would be nice for easy reference. Minimal UI preferred but not necessary.

Keep it to screenshots taken in game as opposed to cut scenes, FMV, etc.

Also, recommended settings in game and tools which allow best screenshots are appreciated!

Here, have some WoW fishing to get things started.

Taken somewhere in 2008 in SM Cath

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Not ready to let it die yet! Srsly, the only game I’ve been playing is WoW recently. I’ll have to change it up. Anyone else? There has to be folks who take nice screenshots in games lol

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Load of wallpapers I made a couple of years ago (almost to the day) of Mirror’s Edge.


Ohhh these are good! Once I get my fill of WoW I’ll be posting something else lol

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Loaded up GTA5 finally. I think I’ve kicked the WoW habit at least until the next expansion comes out keke.

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Bioshock Infinite. Good one. Couple more before bed!

Modded skyrim/FO photos are the best. If anyone has 'em

There are some god ones out there. Fire Skyrim up and take some screens! Post em’ :slight_smile:

FarCry Primal

I thought this was a Video Screenshot thread.

Shin Gojira

Halt and Catch Fire

Garden State


Vidya is internet for videogames. :stuck_out_tongue: . That first one is really good. Added to the vidya desktop rotation!

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It’s been a while but I have a bunch saved up. Still GTA 5 but I have some Xenoblade 2 coming up sooner or later. Just have to remember to transfer them to my microSD :slight_smile: