Videos stop playing after awhile

Hello all. I have a Razr Maxx that is rooted and i have liquid smooth rom installed. I have this issue after some time of the phone being on video files stop playing and it requires a reboot, any idea why and how i can fix this?

Is there by any chance a correlation between playing YouTube videos in HD for a while and then not having it work?

It dosent matter if im trying to play a 240p video or a HD one they both act the same and dont play. My phone will be completely cool when this happens aswell

well it isent just YT videos. Any video on any site or videos i have locally on my phone will not play untill i reboot my phone

No, I mean once you have restarted, does it break again after playing a HD YouTube video? I can't really word this too well.

No. Its kind of random when it breaks. I dont really watch YT videos often on my mobile device yet it happens all the time so it cant be related to that. 

I've no idea then as I am facing a similar issue but caused directly by HD YouTube playback.