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Videogame idea I am working on

Go back to the first post - it’s a strategy game with card mechanics. Basically cards build stuff, stuff give you resources, resources buys you cards.
Basically imagine a massive 4X strategy Civ style with overcomplicated card interface and massively dumbed down features…

I will continue in the card path most certainly. That was the basic idea. If I remove the cards I must rework everything again… Also there will be a story whenever I reach that point and I already know what it is.

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So I have an update and a question…
I have done some more coding and I have made progress on the card system. However I am reaching the point where I need to answer
Remember back in the day, Caesar 3? It gave you a choice before each mission, do you want to play a military mission, where you have to take care of different legions and have battles and stuff, or peaceful missions, where you focus on management and culture and prosperity and so on.
So my idea is, do you think it will be a good idea if I try and tweak the AI and game mechanics, so this happens automatically? Bear with me here…
You will have your tutorial missions, and then you will have standard missions. The game give you the option to play military or diplomacy. If you play more diplomatically oriented with time more features will unlock for diplomacy and culture. And if you go for more military oriented play stile, you will unlock better units and what not.
The positive side of this is, that I can just tweak the AI so it will not crush you with high end units while you build libraries, and on the other side doesn’t aggressively educate peasants while you rush it’s capital city. One map, just different style of play. Also that will kinda balance the AI according to the player’s skill and give everyone kinda different and unique experience according to what they have unlocked on each tree.
The negative side is, the players won’t even be able to play the high end of the opposite gameplay style. You would have to replay the game to unlock all military extras if you are deep into culture and diplomacy already. That’s kinda something like a moral choice system and I’m not entirely sure I want to implement moral choice system in the game…
I can just let the player unlock all the features, but I kinda don’t want to do that either. I want to make something like specialization in the game.
If I decide on this I can go on and program the rest of the cards system, unlocks and so on.

Any ideas?

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I liked the way this idea worked in the Caesar/Pharaoh games.

I am not exactly sure how you are planning to implement things, but if you are having it so the skills/abilities are built up over time and carry over from mission to mission, than I would suggest the following.

If you have your skill tree split into two main branches (military and science) you could have the game auto adjust based on the amount of skills in each category, and have the cost of each skill increase significantly each time. One of the benefits of this is it makes the player choose one path over the other, while not completely limiting their ability to go into the other side. The player could evenly invest in both branches of the tree, but would never be able to reach the top most of either side (jack of all trades, master of none). They could invest heavy on the military side, so the cost for the most basic science skill would be less useful than the next level in military, and the same would go for investing heavy on the science side.

Now going back to the Caesar/Pharaoh mission concept. The game could auto choose the next mission branch based on the difference in the skill tree. If the player has 10 points in science and 2 in military, it could go towards to the more peaceful/diplomatic mission instead of the military based mission. If the player has chosen a more neutral skill path then there could be a separate mission for that as well.

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Me too :slight_smile:

It’s a card game. More military you play more military cards you unlock. More military cards you have more military units you can train.

Yeah, that is an option you can play. You won’t have the best military units nor the highest end culture/religion options, but you will be deep in both. Or you can choose one or the other. That is exactly the idea.

My idea is to have one mission based on what you play more. I work alone so I can’t overdo the content and having extra mission massively increases my work. The AI will react based on the way you play - if you are deep into military specialization then the enemy will play more aggressive, while if you are more culture oriented it will counter appropriately and won’t raid your city with 5 legions while you build a library in the city and monastery in the mountains… Can’t really afford to make 3 different missions for the same level of progress…

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if ( Devember = true )
serious programing = enabled

Hey. So this is where I am right now.
It’s gonna be kinda long and confusing, so bear with me.
I’m still wrapping my head around the deck building mechanics, cause after a couple tries it turns out I don’t quite get them. Some will say “Arrays, what is there to get”, and that is true, but then comes the complicated part.
Each card is a separate object. Each map tile is a separate object. So to play a card I takes variable from a third object, that stores the data and pass it through the card object (to determine which card I am playing and what properties it have) to reach the tile object at the end.
What I need to do is find a way to tell the UI (separate object) what cards are played and what cards are available, so I don’t get the cavalry card before I build the query for stone production.
The only thing that comes to my mind is multiple arrays (since there will be multiple development trees of the city) - one for culture, one for war, one for basic resources, etc etc.Then just every card I play throw some data at those arrays telling them what card have just been played and the arrays update if they need to.
Obviously that will be a nightmare, considering the engine limitations and throwing data between objects is super tricky when you have 100 of the same object in the game at any time, but oh well…
So that will be my thing now… Dealing with the card unlocks, cause that’s kinda the thing left to do at the moment.


So I did some coding.
Something is not working the way it supposed to. I’m transferring data between 3 different object and one simple number being wrong can derail the entire system.
Since I have absolutely no idea what is wrong where I will scrap it all and start again. Not the entire project, just this system…
I tried to do this without pen and paper so I don’t have to go out in the rain. But I have to go out tomorrow anyways so I will get some notepad to keep notes. I can’t keep track and I’m getting confused and angry …
So there’s that. 5 days in Devember and I have no progress what so ever… Its going so well :rofl:


Sounds like what is called a “race condition”, this happens with global variables when you got multiple processes or threads reading and writing to the same data.
One way arround that is using Semaphores or Mailboxes

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The engine support global variables, that need no object and can be called and set from all objects. I don’t want to use that though. I have already a database object so I just have to call the data from it. The issue is, I also have card objects and map tile object and those three objects constantly transfer data between each other depending on what I’m doing.
I honestly thought it would be way simpler, but honestly I see no simpler way unless I want to make separate card object for each card instead of having one card object for all possible cards calling data from the database object…
It’s the limitations of both the game engine and my brain not seeing any other way to do it.

I don’t think GameMaker Studio supports those concepts.

I feel you man. I am spending a lot of time at uni working on a code project, and it is two small steps forward, one back every time.

You are saving yourself from a lot of headache :slight_smile:

Those two are super important concepts in programming!
Would explain why so many games don’t benefit from multi-core processors though…

This explains it rather well (and provides code):

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Game Maker Studio doesn’t support multithreaded execution either…
Its all a single thread execution. They made some progress, at least now the graphics card is rendering instead of the CPU. Yup, the older versions of game maker were using the CPU to render…

Yeah, a lot of people told me not to use global variables. I’m not sure why, but I tend to use those overwhelmingly supported advices.

Oh, I read quite a few things about multithreading, but the engine is just not up for it. It does not allow that level of control…

And they are right.

I am currently waist-deep into coding a kernel module for RTAI in C, 5 tasks (= threads) having to talk to each other and read/write from/to hardware, it is a pain. And the documentation is full of… divergences from reality.

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Off topic, but it’s my topic, so that’s that…
You study programming? You professional or what? Cause I’m complete amateur enthusiast self thought everything…

Computer Science, so 15% project management, 35% theory, 50% codeing. 5% failure at math

I am at the state of the learning curve where I know all the things I don’t know so mostly shut up about stuff.

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110%? Is that like the volume dial that goes to 11?


I should go to bed…


He said failing at math, and also this makes 105%, not 110, so maybe you fail at math as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Its 5am and I’m still awake. Since I’m unemployed my sleeping schedule went to hell…


Yep, I’m going to go to bed too…lol


Been struggling with some arrays and variable transfers.
I can explain why this is difficult to me, but still, this is the very basis of the entire game. Once this is done all I have to do is polish and adding content. So I take my time and try to be very careful with everything.
Needless to say it haven’t been a fruitful week. I am struggling. And for some people that may be super easy, but I am still struggling with it. The more I think about it the more coordination I need to do between object and timings and all that crap and all that is done with variables and I already have billion of those in the game. Thank god I got the notebook to write shit down…
I am trying something new and will try and have something in the next let’s say couple days.


I can’t believe it’s kinda working in its current super skeleton state.
I don’t want to jinx it, so I will say currently it’s OK. I have to do some extra work on it and see if I break it completely.

Anyways, I’ve been struggling enough with it for today/tonight.
I’ll be back at it tomorrow morning/afternoon.


Day something…
I’ve been doing some work on the card play mechanic and it just dawned on me - this will take so much work. I didn’t realize that when I started, but this will take sooooo muuuuch time and effort. I have been doing coding and testing and what not for about an hour and from the perspective of the player all I have done is changed a sprite image.
The more I am working on this the more I realize how much work this actually will be.
playable alpha by the end of the year - not a chance, unless I spend an awful lot of time constantly working on it.
Eventual demo in a month or so - impossible. Things have changed to the point I may not have playable alpha in a month or so.
My mind is literally blown how much work I am doing and how little progress it is actually happening.

Not giving up the project though, not at all… I just realized how much more difficult this will be than I thought it will.

So yeah, TLDR: after about an hour of work I managed to switch 2 sprites… C U tomorrow with the next update.