Videocard Problem?

is there something wrong my my gpu? or what?

so the new version of minecraft shaders came out, or atleast beta version of SEUS 10.1

and it includes volumetric clouds

with minecraft and shaders mod and SEUS 10.1 excluding the volumetric clouds i receive around 80-120 fps @1080p


when i enable the shaders version with volumetric clouds that fps drops to 22-15 fps

so is there something wrong there?

i've seen gameplay with people running a gtx 660 and the 760m and get 35+ fps

i'm running the xfx 7970 and no settings are changed besides adding or removing the clouds

any help or suggestions?

Idk why this is normal when i play minecraft without shaders im getting around 180 fps with everything maxed out and i only get about 20 with everything turned down and up not shure why...