Video (youtube) to mp3 converter

Guys, do you know some good converter like for converting videos to mp3 and other formats?

I've this at least a hundred times, some copyrighted stuff wont work though (i.e. VEVO)

Personally, I use WinFF which relies on FFMPEG. You probably already have all the FFMPEG components installed if you've ever installed something like VLC (which would also independently work) or even various Microsoft media apps.

WinFF is nothing pretty to look at since it's not much more than a CLI scripting tool. So, unless you want to learn about the intracracies of FFMPEG and all it's little switches, I highly recommend WinFF.

... And since it's all free, why not?!


I like this one too as it has MP3 and MP4 support. 

I like this one.  Never had a problem with it.

atubecatcher converts to just about every format

Youtube-dl is amazing but you need to use is through a command line which might feel strange if you're not familiar with it. It is very flexible and allows you to choose which video and audio stream you'd like and it will combine them for you. You can download only the audio stream from a Youtube video (which requires less bandwidth compared to downloading both audio and video) and then convert to mp3 with a single command. There is also support for downloading playlists and you have many different options to change.

Example command for downloading the audio from a youtube-video and converting it to mp3:

youtube-dl YOUTUBE_LINK -f 140 --audio-format mp3

The -f command specifies which format to download, 140 means AAC audio only and using the --audio-format command you can choose between mp3, opus, vorbis and others. You can get a list of formats and their ids by running:

youtube-dl YOUTUBE_LINK --list-formats

You can find more commands in the documentation available at
It may take some time to learn how to use youtube-dl if you're not familiar with command line programs but personally I think it's totally worth it.

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I've been using for a long time now and it's been really good, converts fast and with a good sound, you might want to try it.

youtube-dl open source no frills only kills