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Video Tutorials for SUSE studio by R00tz31820

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Alright guys as promised. I have made video tutorials for SUSE studio.
These will be multiple videos or multi part videos. As the upload and become ready I will post them here. Removing the WIP part where it will be located. Pleased let me know how I can improve them as this is my first time doing something like this. Good criticism is accepted gracefully. @Logan and @wendell Hey If you think I should or should not mention your forums or names on the videos let me know and I wont use them in future videos. I am making these as a suppliment to your linux channel and by request from people in the community. I do not want to step on any toes here I just want to help. If you have a video in the works PM me and let me know so I dont make a duplicate.. I dont plan to make many but you never know I may make more.
Thanks guys

They are all 1080P so change your settings to that

First Video Patterns and Desktops in the SUSE studio

Patterns and Desktops Opensuse studio

Proprietary Drivers

Proprietary Drivers and Wireless Driver installations

Building Your Distro

Building Distro In SUSE Studio

Services and Kernels and Goodies

Sorry for disorganization- @Taco_Bell --WHEN you becom UNSUSPENDED in january of 2289 :P LOLS :P
SUSE studio kernels and goodies



Appreciate that @R00tz31820 :)

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No problem.. Hopefully it helps people.. I am looking forward to feedback as these are my first tutorial videos LOLS

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The only thing I would suggest is to edit out the waiting periods. Also, I don't think that @Logan and @wendell would have a problem with somebody helping out a few people and featuring their channels is ony free publicity for them!

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Yeah they told me the guy who PMed me before I went ahead and made the topic was probably a busy body and I shouldnt worry.. I need to edit that section out LOLS

Mate I have watched these a few times now and I want to thank you for helping me to change my mindset to how I see Linux Installations now as to how they were back in the mid 90's.
I remember Red Hats release here in Australia that included and nice soft cover 80 odd page book that took me about 3 weeks tinkering in a back shed with 2 others to complete and installation, wow old times.
But this, this is what I needed to see.

Cheers Mate.


Glad it helped ya ! :D

Suse Studio looks interesting. It reminds me of which is use to set up PHP development boxes and servers. Does it allow you to turn your install into a rolling release (tumbleweed)?
It would be awesome to have a tool like this that's distro independent.

You sound a bit distant and seem to deviate a little but other than that hats off for a great first effort. I think you should try to keep the videos short and focused. I really like the format used on

Yes it can be tumbleweed.... just change the mainline repos to tumbleweed.. voila rolling (dont even mess with nvidia on tumbleweed LOLS)

As Adam Jensen says, "I didn't ask for this"

But holy green chameleons, batman! that's an awesome tutorial, thanks!

btw, the suse brand is a chameleon's head

Props to the suse guys for having a sense of humour

As a matter of fact you did ask :P hahaha

Yep but I thought you were going for OpenSUSE tutorials, not the Studio thing. Glad the misunderstanding happened, I've learned a lot with your videos! again, thanks for your time and work!

For the time being I came back to my "home" distro (mint) until I have some spare time to go back to heavyweight tinkering. I needed to set up everything back to a stable no-surprises state for uni classes.