Video Review #10: Rosewill Apollo RK-9100xR Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

I would like to thank Rosewill for providing this wonderful keyboard for this video review. They have this keyboard in different switches: Brown, Red and I think black as well. 

I have a request from you guys, give me some constructive criticism about reviewing keyboard. That will be greatly appreciated!

I think you could improve your videos by having a mic attached to your neck collar so that way your audio isn't obstructed when you hold the box/keyboard to the camera.  You could also improve by holding the camera and moving around while the box/keyboard remains laid in lighting, it would really help people read the packaging.

Other than that the review was pretty solid and made me want to get one as well lol.

I do have that on my list of equipment. I'll be waiting to get that when I get the extra funding. Right now I need to work on getting moved to Alabama. Thanks for the input. I really appreciate it. The input I was looking for was like missing information.

Thank you! It is a pretty nice keyboard. They have a few different switches to select from on the RK-9100x series

For missing information I'm mostly curious as to what material the keyboard is made out of and whether or not it has flew to it.

Oh nice! Lovely gaming keyboard. Will get it soon.