Video Output from GPU not working? PLEASE HELP!

Hello, i am a N00B computer builder and i just recieved my parts and built it today.

EVERYTHING seems to be running perfectly, the disc tray opens, etc, and all fans working including CPU fan and the GPU fan. I have a raden hd 7950 Graphics card that has the fans spinning but i am receiving no video output from it. Please Help ME!

P.S. sorry if this is in the wrong place but i wasnt sure where to put it. 




Crucial Balistix 1600 DD3 8 GB

AMD FX 8320 

MSI 970-g46  motherboard

MSI twin Frozr III raden hd 7950

Rosewill CHALLENGER case

Seagate 1TB 7200 RPM HDD

Cheapest Multi drive Dvd i can find

Corsair 600W Builder edition.


Make sure your pci power is plugged in

try the video output from your motherboard. if that gives output, then theres an issue with the GPU. If it doesnt output a couple of things to try: Remove the GFX card, then try again. if that works, then its a problem with the GPU. if that doesnt work, then theres an issue with the motherboard.

Quick things to try (some mentioned already):

Ensure the card is correctly seated, sometimes the back can be slightly still raised and not making a good connection

Ensure the power supply is correctly attatched and that you have 6 pins (if applicable) connected.

If using HDMI, try DVI, use the top connection. If using DVI try HDMI.

If none of this works remove the card and connect directly to the motherboard. Go to windows and make sure all your drivers are uninstalled, insert the disk reinstall drivers then connect the card again and try.

I can't acess windows yet this is a fully vanilla machine and i've tried all rest already. 

Since is a new build, first you have to make sure the motherboard alone boots, unplug the video card, plug your display in the motherboard video ports and see if it boots, if it does then turn it off again, and install the video card, make sure you plug both the PCI-E connectors from the power supply and check that the card is firmly set in the slot, then try to boot again.


Oh nuts, just saw that motherboard has no video outputs, do you have another video card you can use to test?

I don't have any other video cards to test :(

Please help guys im desperate here



Do you get a post beep? does the rest of the computer seem to be working?

try changing the input on your moniter (maybe trying to recieve an hdmi signal when your outputting DVI)

This probably is in the wrong section, but anyway, try to push the GFX card into the PCI slot more, many first time builders don't put it in all the way.  Make sure it clicks in, and won't go in any further.  


It's also probably not a bad idea to make sure the PCI power is plugged in, and check for output in the motherboard too.  

I did all of this and triple checked it and still not working