Video of my band playing

This is my band (we're not metal, sorry)

the sound sucks on stage, my guitar went out of tune (i had to tune during the bridge), and we really didnt play all that well haha

wicked! for some reason that made me feel real old go out of tune bro at least ya didnt break a string and have to play the song in a diff position lmao hope i get to buy an album one day!

Man... I fucking love pop punk. Thats tight, You guys are good.

Reminds me of old Coheed at some parts and old academy is in other places. Its really good.


decent. but you've had better songs. and better shows.

though, it's alright that you got on taste of chaos.

tell joey that i give him props for getting all the votes. all my bands have gotten on that stage, 'mason', 'echo me astronaut', your old band 'upper class trash', 'simplekill', 'calm', 'school heroes', etc etc. and it has taken a lot of work every time.

need more screaming moans growls

but that was pretty cool looks like you guys have fun

what does the band logo look like?

Good shit, would love to see you guys live.