Video games: everyones favourite scapegoat

So I was watching my local new tonigh (in the UK) and there was a story about a student who had been convicted of planning to carry out bomb attacks. There was all sorts of damming evidence such as his browser history full of extremist islamic and bomb making websites and the fact he made his own bombs. Then one of the presenters throws in "he went out and bought the game 'the assassins creed' which is about killing lots of people"

Not really sure why that was put in because it certainly cant be used as a reason for this student to want to bomb people. I guess I'm getting more pissed off at the fact the media is using video games as scapegoats even when they bear no relevance to the story.

Just wanted your opinions and have you had any similar stories from acroos the pond?

stories like this happen all the time, get used to it, and since you responded angrily for some reason, just means in the future you'll get more and more pissed off for no reason, just ignore these stories.

yeah, i know stories like this are going to keep on happening, i just think the claims are starting to get stupid and i was wondering if you guys in the US had any similar stories recently

but these stories are true i played cod5 and i have been killin japs all day... just got back from AOI

Yea we have a lot of stories like that here. I dont remember any recently (Im sure there are though). Most of the time they blame it on games like Counter Strike and GTA.

This crap happens all the time.

Maybe they should also point out he went and saw "Angels and Demons"
cause that movie was about killing people too.

The Principal of my HighSchool said something that has stuck with me all these years.
"Every reason a war has ever been fought in the history of the world, is present in this school"

Now we didn't have any gang problems, and rarely did we have any real "fights."Â This was a College prep school.

Those reasons are basic and instictive, very fragile and unstable.
They exist everywhere, they are a part of the natural order of things.
society taints those reasons and stupid crap happens.

Maybe if he had more violent video games, he would have taken out his agressions in the game.
Video games, movies, books.  These are all products of society. Take
all the Fiction away.. and people have to deal with a lot more
interesting things.. FACTS.

There is more death and destruction in the news everyday than there is in the entertainment industry.

I would like to know more about this news story.. Making the bombs is the only thing you mentioned that would be "wrong" unless they found plans for an attack...
Hell, my friends and I used to make small explosives and battle plans, for little green army men..

It was about making bombs, and they had evidence of him scouting out loactions in a city for places to plant them. Pretty damming evidence on its own.

By the way here's the link to the story, i watched it on the TV and thats where they mentioned assassins creed.

hahahaha lol that just made my day