Video game recording

so basicly my not so tech savy friend asked me to pick out a pc for him and i have no idea what to do.

his conditions are:


1- it needs to be around 350 euros,

2-he wants to only record dota 2 at medium no more and he wants it to be at 60 fps.

3-no big future investments

4- lives in serbia 


so what i thought about for him is to go for a full amd build with 500 gb of storage and a small boot drive.

€350 is a very tight budget, while dota isnt a very demanding game you're still going to have a hard time squeezing performance out of the build. threw together this to get an image.

basicly, in that price range you *can* get an APU build, but windows license is probably out of reach.

(if anyone manages to cheap down the cost, feel free to improve on my idea)

Dota is native in Linux so you can cut cost there.

€350 in Serbia?  I don't think that's even possible.  I have a friend there as well; everything is crazy expensive.