Video File Conversion

I have a bunch of videos that have a .mkv format, and I need to convert them to a format that is readable by an xbox. I have downloaded a few programs, but I can't seem to get them to do what I want them to do. The videos have two different audio options and an option for subtitles. I'd like them to still have that once they are converted. Does anyone have any suggestions?

You try Handbrake? Select the MPEG-4 codec and .mp4 container.

Freemake can do that all I believe. Just when you install it make sure you don't let it install any of it's advertising bloatware. READ THE DAMN CHECK BOXES! And good luck.

I tried handbrake, but the video I converted lost quality. I need to maintain the quality the video has in .mkv.

I have the same problem Iv tried loads of free software but always about half way through the sound unsinks

then you recorded in a shitty format. use h.256 codecs, it's a lossless format.

I would suggest Any Video Converter, and just like what Ulrichc said, be sure to watch out for that bloatware.

then you recorded badly, i think. handbrake is an excellent encoder. if you encode to h.256 mpeg4

Iuse any video converter all the time

The videos I have converted didn't lose any quality, but the subtitles did not convert well at all. They rarely show up and when they do they don't say what they are suppost to say.

You can benefit from using AppGeeker to convert mkv to mp4 that Xbox 360 reads.

The tool can convert any type of video files, and supports adding subtitle. very simple to use.

Any video converter

TEnCoder(supports subtitles)