Video Editing PC <$5200! Can We Do It?

Hello Tek Syndicate People!

This is my first time posting on the forum, but hopefully it goes well.

I am a film editor living in Toronto, Ontario and this winter on my way back from Christmas I got in a car accident and ruined my computer (oh no!) but then insurance gave me a bunch of money to buy a new one (yay insurance!). Unfortunately I've been out of the computer loop since my last build about 10 months ago, and am looking for some help building my new rig

I have roughly $5200 before taxes to build my new beast. Hopefully that can get us pretty far.

I do am a picture editor and colourist primarily, meaning Premiere Pro, After Effects, Davinci Resolve, a little bit of 3Ds Max and NukeX.

I'm not sure what else you need. I've been looking at the X79 platform, specifically the EVGA Dark mobo with a 4930k, probably a h100i on top of that. I was thinking GTX Titan but the 780ti looks pretty impressive, and maybe even two 780ti's in sli, if you guys think that's a good idea for gpu.

I have almost no brand or component preferences so throw anything at me regardless of how crazy. My rigs have always been strangely built to allow for maximum performance, and I'm hoping to reach new heights with the help of the tek syndicate community.

Thanks in advanced for the help :)


Well is Video editing all you do?  Do you do gaming?  If you are not that serious about gaming try watching this video for an idea:   

here is one linus did, lot of good info.  This is the system he put together in the vid minus the keyboard, monitor, and mouse. 

Thanks for the help guys. I do game fairly seriously, and typically overclock as well (sorry to leave that out). Hopefully you can help with some more questions.

Is there a huge advantage to the dual cpu? The two, presumably hyper threaded, processors would result in 16 cores, over the 12 I was going to get. The cost different is a couple hundred dollars, and a motherboard setup I'm less experience with. Is there more advantages of multi-cpu builds I'm unaware of?

In regards to linus' build, he puts both a 780 and a Quadro in the machine, and that kinda lost me. What is the benefit of multiple non-similar, non-sli gpu's?

The fact both videos suggested the P9X79-E WS is nice, it could make that choice easier. I like Asus' SSD caching too.

Also the ago old question of gaming graphics vs "professional" graphics solutions.  Quadro k4000 or 780 ti? I feel like you get less for more with the Quadro, am I crazy?

If you game very seriously, do not consider workstation cards.  Even the best quadros perform at around GTX 480 performances when it comes to games.

They're pure workstation cards.  They really do haul if your productivity software can utilize them, but for your purposes I'd go with a high end gaming GFX card as you do both gaming and video editing.

I'm not too sure, but I think you can use the workstation card for when you're rendering, and then use the gaming GPU during gaming.

Well never built workstation computers why i posted the video so i really cant help with the dual cpu question.  In the vid linus says that in quadro's performance does take a back seat but are validated for 24/7 operation and some 3d editing programs only work with validated cards. Vid time stamp 11:13

Came in at 4500$, should pack quite a punch and be good for overclocking!

(it says that there might be incompatibilities, but just go watch the teksyndicate video on how to flash your motherboard bios with an Asus motherboard, it's simple.)

Currently drooling.

Good build, esp with such a nice large budget.


pretty much the same build he posted prebuilt

^Yup that is real good!  Just get a case like this: ditch the H100i and get some custom watercooling, throw in three korean 1440p screens and you have a kick ass setup!  

Noob questions,

I would like to build this $3500 machine with advice for the following uses...

1. GPS editing in Basecamp

2. Video editing in Sony Vegas Pro 12

3. Sound editing in WavePad Pro and Total Recorder, need a good 5.1 sound card

4. Photoshop CS5

5. Adobe Acrobat Pro creative suite

6. DVD fabrication (no need for blu ray create)

7. Video card (Dual Viewsonic VG2427wm 1920 max DVI monitors currently now, I don't know when I'll upgrade)

8. Gonna run Win 7 Pro or Ultimate

I would like advice on changing the case in the video that is easier to install the mobo with special attention for quietness.

Thanks in advance!