Video card

amd phenom II X4 black edition

Asrock 960GM/U3s3

need a graphics card was thinking about this

I dont have alot of money to spend like this is my max but i want to play bioshock infinite at a decent frame rate

then get this bro, it's 20$ off and it's it's the next gpu up being the 7850

or you can wait save 20$ and get this.... a gtx 660

Personally id go for the GTX 650ti boost:

Heres some benchmarks:

im with cooperman, the linus review shows that amd cards perform better in bioshock compared to there nvidia equivelents. also the only reason i went for the gtx660 as a hold out option is cause it's a damn good deal. also the 7850 will eat the 650ti boost for breakfast and it's cheaper.... no brainer really

no it's fine, im using a gtx 660 on a pci.e 2.0. runs great

i was thinking about getting a 7770 becasue thats kinda a sweet price range for those I was wondering which one i should get