Video card help

so i just got out of boot camp so i have been out of the lop on hardware for a few months.
now that i am out and in a school i had my computer shipped to me i am currently running about a 5 year old video card so i am looking to upgrade it.  so i was wondering what card or cards would go good with my current build witch is crosshair v formula with a FX 8150

thank you for your time

4 titans

unless you have a budget

the titan had just came out before i had left and that would be a stupid overkill

If you're running amd you could try 7950, 7990, or a card from the r9 series. Nvidia 700 series.

Whats the buget? What kind of monitor setup are you running?

A much suggested sweet spot for 'now and near-future' is the new R9 280x series of AMD cards. Pretty much an optimized HD7970 Ghz edition card, with 3GB of memory standard. Slight improvement in support for DirectX and OpenGL versions. Tends to perform a bit better in multiple monitor setups, otherwise it's a close call. It won't outrun the GTX770, but beats the GTX760 everytim.

Prices start around 300$, but prices are dropping for the HD7970 cards already out there. Another reason that might persuade you to buy 'second best' is the Never Settle Gold bundle you can get with it, which will allow you to choose three free games. AMD has announced the bundles will come to the new R9 series, but that's currently not the case.