Video card for my pc

Is GTX 750 Ti, for my gaming pc, good or not? If not, any recommendations? Limit is $120.

For that budget it's a pretty good choice you'd also be happy with an R7 360 well at 1080p medium settings for both those gpus but older games like skyrim even with alot of mods will usually stay around 60 fps.

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Alright, thanks!

Get a 370. Save a bit and get a strix. You will not be sorry. A 380 would be good too, but its only 2 GB at that low a price. Obviously go for the 380 if you can.

I would say go with Aremis suggestion and try to swing a 370 or 380 though the price is a bit steep, 4 of July my have some good sails and if you can try to wait until after the new line of AMD gpu drops because there should be some significant discounts.

Consider buying used. If you have a decent used market of PC parts in your area you could get a very decent mid range GPU for that budget. I was selling my GTX 760 for that price (Canadian $) not long ago.


Is GTX 750 Ti for $90 good?

hell, you could get a 4GB RX480 for about that price and blow the 750ti away.

Can u give me a link?

Better to go used or try and save for one step higher though. If your limit is 120 that means that just find another 10-20 dollars for a gtx 950. or wait a week or two. amd is putting out a couple cards that might make you regret any budget purchase in the next couple weeks.

the 480 will be 200$ and will come out next week. if you can save for that, it's your best bet. otherwise i'd wait for the 950 to drop next week. recently it was 99$. atm it's like 130 and it's significantly better then a 750ti. amd has some nice older products that may also get lower in price in the next week or two. look for 280/280x/380's on sale.

Yeah.. 750ti is horrible deal now. People are asking too much money for them.

or the RX470 is a good deal at $150. It is marketed as a 1080p 60fps card.

@Kai_ko09 congrats on the switch from console to PC:)
Your last thread had you leaning toward the I5 6400, What build did you decide to go with?

You can get 750 tis for less then 100$ in the US right now. But i would recommend waitting till the end of the month or a week or 2 into next month to because of AMDs new gpu coming out next week and it usually takes a little bit for Nvidia to respond price wise, a week or so from my records.

Honestly just save for a few more months. $150-200 is where the price to performance really ramps up

I did some changes and also switched to i5 6400 cuz i had some extras, right now its resting on my table waiting for the other parts to come cuz im still waiting for the sale to come by.

Can u send me a link once they dropped the prices?

Does have a rebate though.