Video card around a $ 300

what is the best video card around a $ 300 for a gaming pc (build)

i play meanly BF , COD , total war and 0 AD


Nvidia choice: GTX 660ti, the ASUS DirectCUII is at 280 bucks right now, with those is impossible to go wrong!

AMD choice:  HD 7950, Gigabyte with triple windforce cooler. 

I personally would pick the 7950, its much more powerful, and it's a great overclocker. The triple cooler is silent and really cool  even after OC.

If you consider going for dual gpu on a future (SLI or CF) I would pick the 660ti, combine two of those boys and enjoy the pure power.









I would use the xfx 7950 since it has great cooling and has a lifetime warranty

I'd go for a 7870 xt, you get most of the performance of the 7950 and its cheaper.

A 7870XT is a stripped down version of a 7950 and the monetary difference isn't much. Just grab an XFX 7950 if you go AMD. For Nvidia, I agree that you should get a 660ti. Nvidia cards are generally better with battlefield, but the AMD card is better for the price.

7950, go for HIS, Sapphire or MSI, the Gigabyte cards have great cooling but they changed the PCB a little and now the cards are voltage locked, if not for that id recommend them.

I'd go 7950 over 660Ti for pure performance. You really can't go wrong either way, though.