Video camera Gift

My dad really likes to film stuff like holidays and such, he's had the same video camera for I think around 8 years now, maybe 9, and its rather outdated. What would be a good video camera to get him? I was looking at the blackmagic, but damn its way more expensive that I thought, I'm looking for one thats at most, £250~ (assuming the same conversion rate that there is with most technology, a  $250 one would be around £250, sadly). Preferably one that films in 1080p and above, most of the places we go on holiday are spain and such, bright days, dark nights, so like, it'd need to be decent for that I guess. This won't be a christmas gift, its far too late for that, perhaps next year, heck, I need a job first. 
So yeah, long story short, best video camera for £250?