[Video] Accessibility - The Curb Cut Effect - Extra Credits

Really good video that talks about the effects of having accessibility in games for disabled gamers and how it benefits everyone as a whole.


will have to give this a look

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Very informative video. It shows that accessibility doesn’t have to be hard if its a design consideration from the start. I have some first hand experience with accessibility in computing from working with people in my school days and it really has improved a lot since then but sadly hasn’t progressed nearly enough in games. Really hope developers start to take note of this in future development.

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I agree, I hope more devs can incorporate accessibility in their games. The part about it being the ‘Wild West’ got to me; I hadn’t thought of it like that.

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The big thing I am taking away from this as an able bodied gamer is that i wish more option had off options.

I was worried at the beginning that they were suggesting and pushing for games where everything is highlighted and on “easy” mode all the time. Like highlighted objective items that sparkle, and visual cues for all sorts of thing. These are very welcome features most of the time and in some games regardless of ability level completely necessary, but in many games they are not good, or well implemented might be the better way to put it. It just makes games an autopilot sequence of, pick up the sparkly thing, avoid the phoned in danger, wait to be told what to do, and place sparkly object in sparkly hole in wall.

All of those can be incredibly helpful for people with disabilities and even as above necessary in the game any way but in many games they are not, and I would love options for strictly unnecessary visual aids and so on to be turned off.

This is a really good video from both sides, both making aware of features that would make games far more accessible and at the same time if options were provided for the features inclusion or not would make the game far more rewarding to all levels of player.

Some of the best player created “unwritten” challenges I have seen come from the ability to turn on of off such options. Like play through the game with these specific rules sets. It just make the game more fun for everyone and can even in an unintentional way make the game far longer and replayable through the player created self imposed challenges.


Agreed! That’s why I love this channel, they have all kinds of other videos about good content like this. I’m glad other people are finding their videos useful. :slight_smile: