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Viber is absolute garbage


So I just installed Viber…
The thing is absolute garbage.
First it asked permission for every conceivable private violation possible
Second it informs everybody that I have Viber so now people I don’t want to talk with at all are talking to me
Third I received a couple pictures I can’t open for some reason
And forth it seems to be butthurt I wanted to send the pictures to someone else using another program…

Y is Viber such garbage?



on the other hand, it features legcat



I can’t open an image someone sent to me. I can’t forward it to someone else because oops, something went wrong…
I don’t care what features it have…



it is known



It asks permissions for camera,contacts,location,microphone,storage,telephone.

Given the fact that is a message/voip app Microphone/Contacts/Telephone permissions are understandable.

You can turn location off and the app will still run fine.

True but not exactly. Users have the ability to turn those notifications off.
I have it off and I don’t receive a message that someone from my contacts has a Viber now.
Also there is a block list.

Did you gave the app permissions to use your Storage.

I don’t know what you mean.
When I want to share stuff the phone asks me which app I want to use and the others don’t suffer from jealousy :smile:.

It’s not the best thing out there but it’s not the worst either.

I fricking love legcat.

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I gave it all permissions aside from location.

I installed Viber because I need a picture of the engine parts my dad needs to fix the car. So I received the pictures and the Viber first doesn’t open them, second don’t forward them. It tells me “something have gone wrong” and that is that.
A d it’s the latest version. I just downloaded the garbage.

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Don’t know what to suggest here.
Check your [insert number here]G / Wi-fi connection.
Delete and reinstall the app again, if you haven’t done it already.

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The only messaging platforms I use are Riot/Matrix and Signal. Maybe whatsapp but other than that I dont trust or like any other platform.

There’s also ricochet but that’s very niche and not convenient and only certain people will bother to use it.

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