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VIABLE Adobe CC Alternatives

yep. In line with foundry stuff on the creative end. Mari costs 2k and nuke costs up to 5k, almost 10k if you get all their in-house OFX plugins. It’s still a perpetual license though.

Their pricing is actually probably what let adobe get away with the sub model for so long, similar to what autodesk does to “undercut” DSS in CAD

Fusion360 is a demo.

What makes you think that?

If you want to do more “Alternatives to X” I would prefer that to be in it’s own topic. The Adobe stuff is a lot on it’s own (I mean, just look at your OP). It also probably would be the most searched for and having “Adobe” and “alternatives” in the title helps with that.

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Alright, Updated with Links, Prices, and Autodesk stuff

Moved the post to TPP because Editing in this tiny dual-pane markdown window started to become close to impossible.

Edit: readded a cleaned-up version of the basic guide for those that want a quick reference.

Alright, Formatting fixed and new apps added.

Next step is render packages and 3d addons

look at the main article. zbrushcore is built into the pricing information already

Alright, finally fleshed out, linked and priced the OFX section.

3d suite addons, Indesign and Arnold next.

I’m currently pissed at adobe … again. For pushing DNG and having success with it.
Give it time, it’s gonna be ugly at some point.

Anyway, because … reasons I will probably revive my mac pro and get a license for a commercial RAW converter / photo editing program. And the one I have in mind is not in your list, which surprised me.

Capture One Pro

It’s good that you revived this because I for the longest time didn’t know EVERYTHING H264/H265 had to be transcoded on Linux for Davinci Resolve. For someone new coming in, you have to pray they exclusively use DNxHD/DNxHR, otherwise for every popular camera out there with the exception of stuff that runs on MPEG-2, they all need to be TRANSCODED.

Not to get this all too much off topic but the Atomos recorders (at least my Ninja Inferno) can create DNx files. So that might save you that step.

If they were files to begin with, realtime capture of a file on an Atomos Recorder is inefficient. FFmpeg is what you have to use to transcode everything.

Well, yeah… I am talking about DNx recording on Atomos recorders.

Maybe I don’t understand your usecase. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Taking files from a GH5/GH5S/S1 SD card which is shot in H264, you CANNOT edit the files directly in Resolve for Linux. You have to transcode the files to DNx after you transfer off of your SD card.

Not everyone has endless terabytes of storage so smaller source files are better for archiving, but because you have to transcode, your project files balloon to gigantic size because you have to transcode to even begin working with the footage.

Yeah, that does not make sense to me. H264 is not meant for editing. It has technical limitations that are just plain bad for that. It’s fine for output and publishing on the web but you want DNx or ProRes as source files.

If you don’t have the money for that, you don’t have the money to do video at any level.

What kind of elitism is this?
All you need to make videos is a Smartphone. Takes video, the microphones are not too bad, there is editing software.

You don’t need a Sony F65 and a huge budget for a VLOG channel!

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There, fixed.

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Space constraints are where Long GOP codecs are heavily favored versus Intra-only codecs. Gamers Nexus re-compresses their B-Roll for archiving using Handbrake (But I told them at LTX to switch to FFmpeg + bash scripts) because it has massive space savings:

That is the point, archiving. If you want to be able to use a b-roll clip later on, you are probably keeping these clips in separate files already. So, it’s really just: shoot new video in DNx, find clips to reuse, throw those clips into conversion (which will be fast because it is not compute intensive), edit, render, done.

Look, if you actually want to take advantage of the capabilities that davinci resolve (or any professional editor, really) is offering, you are not using H264 in the edit.