Soon I'll be in the market for two 22" monitors and I  was really wondering which method is the best? I imagine both have pros and cons such as HDMI has better quality VGA has better latency or whatever... Anyone care to share their knowledge? 


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DVI, Display Port or HDMI (VGA to me atleast is the old blue anologue connection).

The newer connection options offer a higher data throughput than the older options and support higher resolution displays. I prefer the digital one's over the analogue options as to me display's connected with the former are easier to watch on the eyes. Other specs depends on your needs, but I have never come short on latency or anything comparing the two, didn't even know there is a difference in that respect :), thought it mostly had to do with the type of display panel.

go with DVI or HDMI.

the dvi output on your gpu is actualy digital and analog. based on what you plug it into it will use one or the other (most likely it will be digital)


the good news is, dvi can be converted to hdmi and vga.

hdmi will have more thoughput, however i doubt you have a screen that requires that much data per second.

Well I'll be using 7870. just shows how long ive been out the game, don't know they upgraded from VGA to dvi. Is DVI still just as good a HDMi in terms of graphics? I'll probably be getting into into the competitive side of gaming again so I need less latency 

hdmi is more the succesor of s-video than dvi or vga. the biggest difference is that HDMI carries audio and sometimes ethernet, whereas DVI is just video. as long as your monitor and card both support dvi and hdmi, it doesn't really matter which you use. I would stick with dvi because your monitor is almost certainly going to come with a dvi cable, but it probably won't have an hdmi cable. my 23.6" asus only came with vga, dvi, 3.5mm audio, and the power cable. I was lucky enough to get a short hdmi cable from the guy I bought the monitor from...

I have roughly 5 random HDMI cables that I do not use. No idea why I have so many but I do. I was just thinking about it. I'm probably gonna use HDMI 

save them for like an hdtv, stick with the DVI your monitors come with, it;ll keep ya from having to buy adapters