VGA Adapter; best performance

I’ve decided to dedicate my time PC gaming to being on a CRT. The motion handling, contrast, latency, and resolution:framerate are perfect for me. However, it’s common knowledge at this point that modern GPU’s no longer support native analog output. AMD stopped supporting it with Hawaii and Nvidia stopped supporting it with Pascal. Right now I have an AMD 7950 which is good enough for most games at 1600x1200@85hz. However, I know that this won’t be permanent. Someday in the future I’d like to be able to get a newer GPU to keep up with the latest games at higher resolutions, but I have no hope that analog output will come back. When looking at DP adapters to VGA it seems that all of them top out at around 1920x1200@60hz, whereas native VGA output from a GPU can go up to 2048x1536@60, 1920x1440@75hz, and 1600X1200@85hz which is what I’d like to be able to hit with an adapter.

So from that long winded detailed introduction, the only question is this: does anybody know of the best performing DP to VGA adapter? 1920x1440@75hz or 1600X1200@85hz are pretty much requirements. Thanks

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They’re all going to be the same for the most part

also don’t know about DP to VGA, but HDMI to VGA works fine, though I can’t get the native 1600x1200 75HZ out of my CRT with an adapter, it only lets me do 1280x1024 or whatever

Ryzen APUs boards have VGA natively still on some of them I think

Ok so this is a surprise to me.
I’ve just checked the off-brand Chinese HDMI to VGA adapter i’ve been using for an older monitor of mine and realized it’s been pushing 1600x1200 at 85Hz all this time without problems.

Now ofcourse that’s not helpful really since it doesn’t even have a name on it and I basically bought it off the shelf at a random store.

But at least it means that it’s possible that high refresh rate converters exist in the wild and this one cost me the equivalent of $9 taking into account currency conversion.

that’s good news to hear. I would like to hear from someone who uses a reputable brand like monoprice for a CRT, but all online reviews seem to just mention the already advertised 1080p@60 which is worrying to me

1920x1200 was the most I could get out of one with my R9 290.

Better to just get a 980/ti, The last decent gaming cards with analogue.

There was no reason for them to make an adapter with a RAMDAC that goes much over 200Mhz because of LCD chumps and their love of a fixed television resolution and pathetic 60Hz.