VFIO performance laggy and low fps in games

Hello Everyone! I’m fairly new to linux and have been wanting to get a vfio setup and now I have finally achieved that. The main issue is that the performance is not what I think it should be for my system. In general the windows 10 guest is pretty laggy like when I open explorer or even task manager it hangs for a second and then opens or if I’m hovering over desktop icons that also causes lag. The games I’ve managed to test are Squad, Beyond The Wire, and Fall Guys. Squad runs perfectly, and Beyond The wire is soso but surprisingly enough Fall Guys runs absolutely terrible. I get around 24 fps in game with lows of 14 fps and switching between the menus in that game or simply hovering over the options causes it to stutter. I think my system is capable of this but I think it is just an issue with some way I’ve set up my VM.

The host is running on IGPU and guest is getting the 2080 my distro is Manjaro.

Here is the way the VM is set up

I am very new to this but I do think for sure that my system is capable and that it is just something I’ve done wrong on my end. Any help would be greatly appreciated! And if you need any other info that may help you help me please let me know!

Can you please post the complete XML information for your VM as well as a list of the hardware in your PC?

I’ve got similar issues, posted them and my xml here (below). Have you tried Heaven benchmark on both systems (bare metal and vm) ? For me that is spot on, but still seeing issues in the game. Initially I had lower Heaven FPS on the VM but once I added the presentation of the CPU topology correctly that showed the same results.