VFIO / Passthrough build + other stuff, how does it look?

Here’s what I have so far, the PC will be running Linux as it’s main OS.


Keep in mind I guess the prices are in Canadian dollars and I’m recycling my current GPU + power supply. But I’m still not sure what case to get whether it be the meshify C or the Define S.

But as a rough start how does this look if I want to do VFIO passthrough? The motherboard is expensive but I don’t mind spending money on it if it’s actually going to be supported.


While The passthrough POST doesn’t have their version of logical increments up yet, ryzen + x370 is a decent option now that the NPT fix is in mainline (as long as you use a rolling release, like arch, gentoo or solus)

If you want to use Debian or Fedora stable, you may need to patch your kernel for decent performance.

Also, you’re gonna need 2 gpus, one for the guest, one for the host. I recommend getting different models (and different vendors if possible) to keep setup as simple as possible.