VFIO on a proxmox nas with Epyc 7002 Rome

So I’m planning on building a new nas soon and I’ve been drawn in by the amazing new Epyc Rome cpus that amd has just put out. Now my build would be running proxmox and on top of the standard nas-y things I would also like to make it double as a windows gaming stream box. Have it just boot up into steam running headlessly and be able to play games with it. Now I’ve done all of this in the past, so it’s not that I won’t be able to get this up and running, but I have a few concerns around stability.

I’m not willing to compile a custom kernel to do this. This is a “production” machine that needs to just work, so I want it to just use the standard proxmox kernel(it follows the ubuntu kernel releases so the kernels are pretty new). Now aside from vfio groups and the acs patch which can be avoided by getting a good motherboard, are there any other show stoppers that would prevent this setup from just working? I remember wendell talking about issues with ryzen and vfio, though he also said these patches were getting upstreamed. Are there still any problems with this?

Another issue I would really need to avoid is the problem I had in the past where when you shut down the vm, in order to be able to use the card in the vm again you would need to reboot the entire machine. Is this still the case? I currently plan on using a GTX 1080 in the machine, though I could be convinced to get another card if it would be better supported and avoid reset glitches, and other nonsense.

I basically want it to be an appliance like experience where I can turn on the vm whenever I want and turn it off whenever I want without a non-standard kernel and without any serious bugs. This wasn’t possible in the past, but maybe now it is?

The reason I ask rather than just doing it is that this is a pretty big monetary investment that basically wouldn’t be justifiable if this doesn’t work.

Anyone have any thoughts?