VFIO GPU Passthrough | PUBG Will No Longer Luanch In VM

I have been using an UnRaid GPU pass-through configuration for some time for my home lab / workstation / gaming setup. That said, recently I encountered an issue where PUBG stopped launching, and simply started noping out when I hit the play button in steam. It gives 0 indication that anything has happened and provides no logs or error codes. I have done some extensive diagnostics to try and correct this issue to no avail. This started happening around the time that folks started reporting that the game would not launch if VMware workstation was installed and running on the same machine. My thinking, initially was that BatlleEye was similarly detecting elements of the Redhat kvm extension drivers. However I have found no evidence to support this theory. Has anyone else with a similar config encountered this issue?

1920x Threadripper
32 GB DDR4 Ram
Saphire Vega 56 Nitro
UnRaid Version 6.5.3
Windows 10 Pro VM

Just simple troubleshooting first, have you verified the game files with steam?

Also, try hiding that it is VM the same way you do as if you had an Nvidia GPU and see if that works. I don’t use UnRaid so I don’t have instructions.

Indeed I did check the validity of the game files with Steam.

I have not given this a try, it is a relatively standard KVM install, so shouldn’t be too special to do.

Battleye indeed recently started barring VMware VMs so it could be related to that. Easy Anti Cheat doesn’t yet have the same problem in VMs, but do not run Aura Sync together with EAC.

I never did figure out the why, however, I recently updated my motherboard bios and updated the VM config to the latest Q35 chipset option and hey presto I was able to play PUBG again no problem at all. Weird man…


That is VERY weird, considering Battleye’s official stance is they kick you if you run a VM. Maybe if you play longer, it detects you’re playing in a VM.

If I run into any further issues I will for sure update this thread.