Very low budget CPUs, Help?

Hello there,

After reading around the forum all I've been able to see is discussions around mid-high end CPUs: 8350 this, 3570K that. What about the little guys?

So here is my qestion:

How does the 'Intel G2020' compare to the newly released (although recycled) 'AMD Athlon x2 280 @ 3.6Ghz'?

Basicly should I go with a 60-ish dolar Intel or a 60-ish dolar AMD? (prices are from Romanian retailers).

Usage will consist of mainly gaming and some basic video editing.

Thanks in advance!

AMD Athlon x2 280 3.6Ghz cpu benckmark score 2336

Intel G2020 2.9ghz cpu benckmark score 2879

Higher scores are better 

Thank you for the info, but I'm hoping for more detail on the subject. 

Any hands on experience would be helpfull.

Thanks again.

Grab a AMD Athlon II X4 thay shud be cheap

Imo, the G2020 is a much better deal than the Athlon X2, it has IGP, much higher IPC, much lower TDP, what else is there to know.

I wouldn't invest in either one though, both are very low end performers.

I would rather buy a used 3+GHz quad core from ebay than a new dual core tbh.

or a phenom II X4 if you can find one for cheap

Thanks kindly for your answers!

I would try to find a nice Phenom II x4!
If not go for the G2020:
If you can spend a little more, and don't have a graphics card, an APU A8 might be the right choice.