Very good and informative documentary

I loved it! What about you guys?

I have been waiting on this documentary ever since they announced it, it was informative though I think i would of liked more of an insight, but obviously they coudlnt go giving a complete insight on the operations of the bay etc, but yes i did enjoy it. it wasnt purely informative either, klose definitely made a piece of art out of this.


This really needs more publicity in general,

Hmmm not sure I am going to double post now. But thank that was a good watch.

So when do we start suing gun companies for murders I mean that is the same thing right TPB provides a service which their clients choose to do what ever with. Smith and western (An exams the first gun Manufactoring that came to mind) makes a gun and little billy uses that gun to shoot someone so we should go blame s&w not little billy.... America sort your cover ment out NOW!

Little billy also used used a BIC lighter to start a fire in the barn someone was trapped in. Time to sue BIC?