Very annoying issue

hello all,

i have a very annoying issue which has started to happen recently,

when playing bioshock infinite on steam the game will crash while going through the 2k intro thing, once past this everything is fine, no lag or crashes, but in the last 2 days it hasn't gotten pasty the 2k intro, and when i use task manager to end bioshock it is as if the graphic drivers are not there because everything is very big and out of proportion, once ended everything goes back to normal,

the only cause i can think of is a few weeks back my shower overloaded the fuse board burning out the man breaker thus turning off pc etc, but it didnt cut out clean it came on and off for a few seconds,

any help would be greatly appreciated,


NOTE. re-installing os at the moment is a no no since i have misplaced the disk

Bummer. Could try re validating game files, or reinstalling video drivers. 

how would i go about re validating game files? i have reinstalled video drivers 3 times to no avail

might be a silly question but my gpu for the moment is a 6450, its very low end i know but could that be a cause? like it can handle the game on low settings no problem so im not sure

Right click on steam game, go to properties, and then go to local files. Click on verify integrity of game cache, it should replace any missing/bad files. Might have to restart steam afterwards.

i shall try this and get back to you, thanks

No problem. If it doesn't work, I am out of answers. I only know how to fix stuff that I have broken.

i did that and still the same problem, but thanks for the help all the same, also i should mention it does it for other games like brutal legend and risen 2 wont even start