Vertical Line with Wasabi Mango Monitor

Hello Everyone,

Me and my dad are fans of Level One Techs. I got the Wasabi Mango monitor for Christmas and I was pumped to have a 40-inch 4k monitor. I initially had a problem when I first started my computer that I had a vertical red line that would not go away. But surprisingly, playing Battlefield 1 fixed the vertical line and it went away. Then after awhile, it flickered that red line. Now It just has a black line through it and it drives me crazy. I was wondering if people were having the same issue and have resolved this.

Things I did:

  • I have Unplugged and replugged the monitor in both power and the display port on both ends
  • I have tried doing a factory reset
  • I have tried maybe playing a video game which solved my issue before, but now that does not fix it.

I appreciate everyone's time in advance in helping me solve this issue.

Update: Just as I was about to post this, the line went away.... But I am afraid its going to show up again. So hopefully this thread will help others in this issue.

Update2: Now it is flickering again after I made this post.