Verizon Wireless Frustrations

I've been such a long term user of Verizon Wireless since the early 2000s. Now coming into 2013, and with their being a lack of blockbuster phones on the network, I'm at a dilemma. Verizon Wireless's 3G and now 4G LTE networks always have me covered around 90% of the time, and have had no problems with them whatsover on the actual service side of things. When it comes down to it though, Verizon, in my opinion, is SERVERELY lacking phones that I would concider buying. The only blockbuster to hit big red this year so far is the Galaxy S4. I was really hoping that the HTC One would be available on Verizon, but nothing has given me any hope to see big red with all of its competition having the HTC One. The question is: should I wait and see what kind of phones come out in the future or make a carrier switch to enjoy the phones that I want (i.e. AT&T, T-Mobile, etc.) THanks for your comments/opinions. Severley confused right now.

HTC DNA is the verizon counterpart... Very nice too!

The driod DNA is the counterpart to the HTC J or HTC Butterfly which launched last year. I think Verizon is just going to be more of the same with phone selection. I am currently a Verzion customer, but I am definitely going to swap soon. I have no hope that Verizon will get better with phone selection, they just want phone makers to build custom blends of what they already have (excpet for the most part Samsung and Apple) and phone makers who do this are going to continue to struggle (think motorolla, HTC ect.) Verzion has been able to just sit back and point to their coverage as the reason they can just dictate to the market, so hopefully more and more services expand their own coverage to compete. Basically until more and more people demand of Verizon to stop stagnating by moving to other carriers they will be plenty happy to just sit on their laurels and get phone companies to catter to them. 

That was what I was thinking. Verizon wants to be that guy who sticks out from the rest. I also have FiOS and I've been really satisfied with it. It's like having an awesome internet connection but a shit computer. I never understood it. Now just thinking of where to switch...

considered waiting a cpl weeks or pre-ordering the S4. no phone on the market no or anytime this year will compare, just an idea for ya 

but everyone has a preference, htc, motorola, samsung, lg, blackberry and yea... some people even like apple (not this guy)

i'm just a guy that works in a certain industry and does pre-launch device testing, thats all i can disclose.



I understand. It's annoying as hell though.