Verizon to implement data caps on your home internet

So just talking to somebody at Verizon and he said that they are going to start implementing data caps on the home internet plans. don't know how big it will be but he said between 500gb to 1tb. Anyone else concerned about this

Yeah, if the data caps are that high, it probably wont be much of an issue for most people.  A 1TB cap would allow for an average of ~34GB of data usage per day.  Don't get me wrong, data caps are a bad practice and are completely cheap, lazy and anti-consumer, but at 34GB a day you could watch 14 hours worth of netflix in HD (or, rather what they call HD) and still have plenty left over for web browsing, youtube and streaming music.

Granted, even Verizon's fastest non-fios plan you could suck down 158GB per day or so of data if you pegged it for 24 hours (assuming you are able to get their advertised top speed for 24 hours straight), so they are still selling you a product that you can't use to it's fullest potential (of course it should be noted that with their slowest plan, the most data you could pull in a month at peak speed would be 316GB, so that cap wouldn't matter at all).  Still, I doubt it will be a big deal for 99.99% of residential users.  For example, I'm a pretty heavy data user and last month was a pretty heavy month and I still only used around 180GB of data (up from about 115GB the month before).

Long story short:  Yeah, it sucks just as a principle.  Will it matter to to most people in a practical sense?  Nope.  Of course, if the caps are lower than what you posted, then it might be a different story.

Yea. For the average person it is no big deal. But I host a file server for me and my friends. I think the 500gb cap will affect me