Verizon to charge Gamers more

Verizon finding another way to dig into the peoples pocket

Boy am i glad i dont live in the 'land of the free'...

Seriously,it's almost as if all the major ISPs in the world want to f*ck up the internet rather than innovate and do shit about the problem.Simultaneously,i might add.

stuff like this is giving me more and more reasons to move out the country after college.

You pay for access to all of this bandwidth and then get charged extra for actually using it? You have to be kidding me.

I seen this coming after the whole thing with Netflix. Their CEO couldn't have used a brighter red for the target he painted on his forehead.

Well it will actually get worse when what Comcast and Verizon are doing get used at the same time by one ISP. You pay for the bandwidth, then pay for using the bandwidth, while the websites you visit also pay for the bandwidth you use to access them.

ISPs are really overstepping their bounds lately.

I know I'll be leaving the U.S. for a number of reasons. Imma take myself my birds and my house in the woods with me. It makes good sense to not stay in the U.S. and go to Denmark or something or something


Looks like yet another reason to get a VPN service!

Remember: those evil ISP's like Verizon, Comcast, etc. can't "limit" what you're doing (online) if they can't see what you're doing.

... But if you don't mind a little rectal fondling by your ISP (since they're probably just looking for your wallet), don't get one.


I plan on getting one when I move. Right at the moment my internet quality is poor enough that it won't help.

For one, if you have a slow internet connection like me, a VPN will shave off a couple mbps which can make a big difference.

Also, at least from my understanding, you connect through your ISP to the VPN. So even though they couldn't see what you're doing, couldn't they still see that you are doing something and how much data you're downloading/uploading?

I could be completely wrong though.

Not true! Yes, using a VPN will increase the ping time but will not (necessarily) make things slower! The very fact that Verizon is (or at lease seems to be) doing some sort of "packet shaping" means it's more necessary than ever to hide your business from them when you go online and do those nefarious things (said with sarcasm) like game or share files or watch videos!

Please watch the videos Logan and Wendell did (here). It pretty much explains why you should use a VPN and why it will likely increase your overall online speeds. Basically, using a VPN is a way to avoid the traffic! And if you can go 60 down a wide open back street, why settle for a 75 MPH highway that is congested and not moving?!


... Sorry about the emotion. But please do try and educate yourself on VPN's. Because ping times are not necessarily the end-all be-all when it comes to any sort of real speed.

Please also know that to see any real advantage with a VPN that you do need to choose a quality service too. Preferably one that is tier 2 connected -- just like your ISP is.

Lol it is like charging you a toll for using a motorway, then charging you per Km or for going fast or something. Its ridiculous you already paid for access, not driving at the speed limit is extra, i mean WTF?

Wow, so if everything goes their way then we can assume the following would be true then I assume?

1. You pay for bandwidth

2. You pay more for gaming/streaming (presumably)

3. You pay more through your streaming services/gaming providers for bandwidth on their end


So they would get paid 3x for your doing something once.  

I have watched both TekSyndicate videos on them, I guess I just misinterpreted some things Logan said.

Time to watch them again I guess!

You forgot the NSA paying them to spy on us.

apparently I have forgotten how to post an image to the site, and how to delete comments.

Got some epic rants coming up about this... in The Tek.