Verifying that ECC is enabled on a Synology NAS

–Solved, but will leave it up for anyone else that googles it.

Just watched Wendell’s vid on the DS1823xs+, got me to do some maintenance on my own DS1618+. A few months ago I upgraded it to a single 8GB module of ECC memory, but the NAS complains it isn’t Synology RAM even though it actually is. So I’d like to verify the ECC is functional given it doesn’t even recognize the memory as a Synology part.

So far I’ve used the Synology memory verification tool to ensure the RAM was stable. I found a reddit post that recommended SSH and to run dmidecode -t memory but I just get a permission denied for the command. Reactivated the admin account and SSH’d into that and still get a permission denied, so not sure where to go from here.

Edit: Problem solved. I am a dunce and thought the admin account was root for some reason. Just had to sudo -su to root and run it again.