VeraCrypt - Extremely slow read

When I try to transfer a bunch of files from my encrypted drive to an unencrypted one the transfer takes awfully long.
Usually, Windows shows that it is stuck at 0 Bytes/s, while the drive’s utilisation is at 100% in the task manager. Hence, copying a large number of files seems unfeasible. For example, I want to copy 100MB-1GB files such that the total of these files sums up to 300GB. It took me five hours to get 15% done…

What’s weird though, is that it seemed to work fine a few days ago until I restarted the PC.
I checked that I’m still using hardware encryption, but besides that I don’t really know where to look.

What encryption method and device type are you using on that media? AES-256 is usually default and pretty fast.

If you are using some of the more advanced options like AES-256+Two-Fish+(whatever else) you are going to see much slower write speeds on the device.

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I’m using AES as encryption algorithm and both devices, the encrypted one and the one I want to copy files to, are 3.5" SATA HDDs connected via USB 3.
Performance isn’t crippled because they are using the same port or something like that (I’ve tested it).
What’s really odd is that writing files unto the encrypted drive is fast and works as expected. Reading speed is slow though. (Or at least the waiting time between the files, the read speed itself is again as expected.)

So, I’ve discovered what was slowing down my read speed…

Yesterday while gaming, I had issues with a peripheral input lag when I also copied files. I did a quick analysis and discovered all my USB devices were using the same controller. So, I’ve attached my devices to ports using different controllers and now both issues, the input lag and the slow read speed has been resolved.

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