Vengeance K90 or K60?





hey, so I have to choose one to get for Christmas. I play a lot of FPS, but i'm a fan of backlight. I'm on a budget too. I like MX red and I can't beat the prices for these. I need help, which should I buy?



Neither. Get the K70. It's the same price as the K90, and has a backlight unlike the K60.

Thanks, i'll consider it.

Thanks, i'll consider it.

I think i'll go with the K60. I'm cool with no-backlight and it's $40 cheaper


You can't really go wrong with any of them, all are great keyboards. The K60 for $40 is a steal.

K60 isnt fully mechanical. The F keys along with a few others a membrane.

Yeah but chances are your not actively using those keys and if you are its not to type which is where mechanical key switches really show there true colors.