Vengeance 2100

I am having an issue with my Corsair headset which is not being recognized by windows or linux. here's a windows pic

This state changes

The headset works on my laptop just fine but none of the usb ports on my desktop will work with it.
Anyone got any advice?
I've already contacted corsair and am waiting for them to call back.

Have you tried using the update driver button in the second screenshot? Have you looked for drivers on the Corsair website? Also, check the link below. I think you might want to reconsider using gyazo.

I've tried to update drivers no luck no drivers on corsair website
Gyazo is open source so I do trust it but I will double check it. Thank you.

Uninstalled gyazo and other stuff no change.
Works under Linux on same computer same port.
Using gyazo under linux.