Velociraptor's in RAID-0 for scratch disk?

So, I've been thinking about setting up a dedicated scratch disk for when I work in Photoshop, Premiere, and After Effects as well as when I'm recording video at I very high bit rate.

What I'm thinking is two (older) 80GB Velociraptor's in RAID-0 as the title says. The random reads and writes should be pretty good based on what I found. I considered using an SSD but since I'd be filling it and emptying it often I'm pretty sure that a mechanical drive would be the way to go.

I don't need to much space just a nice speed boost over a standard 7200RPM drive.

Also, I have the option to buy the pair for $40.



EDIT: Here's the model number of the drives (WD800HLFS)

Raid 0 cuts random read and increases latency, you'd be better off saving 20 bucks and get a 1TB single platter drive from seagate

Alright, I have a 1TB Barracuda in my system right now for games etc. Would it make sense to throw that into a RAID array with another one and use that for not only games but for a scratch drive?

Also, the file size I'm working with are around 4-25 Gigs for videos at least.

no raid reduces random read and increases latency, don't use raid unless you have a real raid card not intergrated

at that price point for a non enterprise guy it would be better/cheaper to use a large SSD