Vehicle Technology for the Future

If there are any car enthusiasts out there, this might interest you;

The Inside Koenigsegg series has been wonderful man.

Nice to see we have some car enthusiasts on here!

although neat in concept, unfortunately it does not seem that useful and the automotive industry has been moving backwards for a number of years now with bullshit like only offering front wheel drive, ladder construction, no lighters or ashtrays and putting 4 cylinders in everything

3 cylinders are coming man, sooner rather than later...:\

Hell, as far as I know BMW are the only one still making l6 engines...such a shame. 

most companies when they are usng 6 cylinders go with V blocks because of the shorter crank for better blance and higher possible rpms.  inline engines however tend to have monster torque curves so the do have some benifits

i believe Nissan also makes 6 cylinder engines as the RB series used in skylines are inline 6s

but overall i was complaining about the lack of use of V8s in modern cars, and the butchering of once good car brands like lincoln and mercury when the panther platform was discontinued

Straight sixes have better balance and run, generally speaking, smoother than V6s.

 I was just mourning the move from bigger engines to smaller more efficient engines though, really. Even though it makes all the sense in the world, I'm still sad inside :(


its not actually more efficient

look at the lincoln town car and toyota camry SE for example, the town car has a 4.6L modular V8 and weighs 4,300Lbs and the Camry SE has a 3.5L V6 and weighs 3,350Lbs

the Camry SE gets 25 combined MPG and the Town car gets 22 combined MPG

per weight and engine power, the 4.6 modular is more efficient than the toyota V6