Vega/Ryzen mod build

This one is going to be a long journey. With Vega still a few months away, I have plenty of time to mod the case. I really like what AMD is doing for the industry, so want to show my support by building something crazy.

Key goals for the build are:
Ryzen CPU, type to be decided, I'm waiting on the 5 series to see how they perform.
Crossfire Vega GPUs. Currently using 980tis in SLI, so it's only fair that I go with 2 AMD units.
Overkill watercooling. I love running cool even at crazy overclocks. Water cooling to be mostly hidden.
A totally unique look.

What will it be used for? Gaming/3D work/looking cool. At the moment I just have the laptop to keep me entertained while I wait for renders to finish on my main rig. I want to be able to either continue working, or gaming while I wait. Plus I just enjoy building computers :)

I ordered the case today. Ended up deciding on the Thermaltake Tower 900 in white. I have a zen related theme in mind which should suit the case & come together nicely- it looks cool in my head anyway.

Parts list so far:
Thermaltake Tower 900 (White)
EK CE 560 Radiators X2
EK Dual D5 pump
EK X3 250 Res
Thermaltake Commander fan controller
Deepcool RGB lighting
Noctua NF-A14 iPPC-3000 PWM, 140mm for the radiators.

Motherboard will likely be an Asrock Taichi, but as I still have a few months, I'm not going to decide until much closer to completion, in-case something better comes out.
PSU will likely be an EVGA P2 1200, I use this model in my desk build & it has been fantastic.

I'll post up pics in a few weeks once everything arrives & I start the mods.

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I am not a fan of huge cases like that, but my opinion really does not matter. I would still enjoy seeing this build completed.

that case looks like a display cabinet for muffins. the 250$ might be better spent on a faster cpu.