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Vega causing video and audio playback issues?


Hello everyone,
I am hoping that this pool of TekSavvy folks might be able to help me!
I’ve run into a weird issue that I cannot find help with online. I am using a Sapphire Pulse Vega 56 as my GPU in my new 2950X build. I am using a Yamaha MG10XU soundboard to run my audio. I am connecting it to the PC via USB. The issue I’ve encountered is that play once upon plugging in my soundboard via a USB all video, audio, and games become very choppy/stuttery. All of my software is up-to-date for all parts of the computer and the soundboard. I have tested the exact audio board setup with my laptop with no issue. As soon as I unplug the audio board and plug in a different device, like my old Astro A40 and its mixamp, the problem disappears. I’m wondering if it might be some sort of driver incompatibility issue where the Vega and soundboard might be trying to compete or override each other?
I have used the graphics card and sound board in an older build of mine and was able to replicate the problem hence my thoughts that there is some incompatibility right now between those two.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!


disclaimer: take this with a pinch of salt as i’m not in front of a machine with either vega or windows at the moment, and no longer run windows with my Vega GPU at home on a regular basis…

Not familiar with your specific sound card, but newer HDMI/HDCP video cards do tend get used as a sound device.

I’m not in front of a windows machine, but you may be able to perhaps disable the Vega card’s AUDIO device (maybe listed as something like an AMD audio device) in device manager and that might help. But that could perhaps interfere with your ability to play HDCP protected content, as for that to work every device in path has to be HDCP compliant.


Yes, i think there is potentially a conflict between vega (or any modern video card) and your sound card, due to the included audio device.


This sounds like a DPC latency issue. You could look into investigating what’s causing the massive DPC latency leading to stuttering video, and seeing if anything on your system needs to have a Message Signaled Interrupt forced on.


My shit senses tell me that its 2950x clocks

but you can disable that HDMI audio through device manager, and since its going as USB I assume its working as sound card?

tried these?

Yamaha MG site lists some Yamaha Steinberg driver 1.10.2

and here is same but newer, 1.10.3


I have found that the VEGA card is EXTREMELY EMI noisy and have had to go to great lengths to remove EMI noise from my audio input/output both through physical means such as building an EMI shield for the sound card, and building a separate linear PSU specifically for the sound card to isolate it.

I would not be surprised that the EMI emitted by the VEGA could cause other devices to behave oddly at times.

The first thing I would try is moving the Yamaha card into another PCIe slot, easiest and cheapest thing to test.


The Yamaha MG10XU is a desktop mixer with integrated DAC (conntected via USB).
The AC adapter could be moved to a seperate circuit though.


Hrmm, perhaps then to isolate a software fault you could spin up a Linux Live CD and see how well it works provided the device is known to Linux.


Given how popular it is, I would guess it is supported in Linux.


I had a very similar problem with my USB DAC with my new 2950x build. But I have a nVidia RTX card.

Whenever I plug in my DAC it thinks it is being plugged and unplugged constantly. Check your dmesg and see if this is happening for you too.

The DAC I use worked perfectly with my Intel system.

But I’m running Linux, so if you are running Windows it’s probably something else.


Can’t comment on GPU and don’t know about this specific Yamaha mixer
but have helped a few friends who had problems with USB mixers and audio

seems most ‘budget’ mixers (under $200) have fairly cheap USB interface
and usual lower noise from using USB audio device outside pc case is negated by it being inside a mixer full of other audio signals
None of my friends got USB working for both recording and playback
recording seemed to be the most problematic and prone to noise and other problems

This is 3 windows guys and 2 Linux guys who all think USB on mixer is no good and all ended up using another usb or onboard interface, and probably only thing they will ever agree on!

agree with @jackman that on Windows DPC Latency Checker should reveal information on source of problem. I used to use it a lot for checking audio devices

trying it on Linux is good idea too
i am better at digging around in Linux on audio problems these days than windows if you do go there
but, if it is a USB or other hardware problem It will be no better