Vega 64 strix - doesn't post after psu change

Hi everyone,

I have a Asus Vega 64 strix that I started to mine ethereum with as it was gathering dust

it was working great until I changed my power supply and now it powers on, the tach lights come on and all seems good except that it won’t post if it’s the primary GPU. I put my old psu back in to test and the issue still remains and also on another pc

it is detected in GPU-Z GPU-Z if I use my igpu but has 0mb and 0mhz clocks and the sensors don’t show anything except negative vddc and 500 core temp!

have I somehow blown something on the card? I haven’t taken any voltage measurements yet but if someone has any ideas on what to test I can certainly do that.
I don’t have enough knowledge at this stage to know what I am looking for without some help

thanks in advance

Try the GPU bios switch. You may have moved it.