Vega 64 Passthrough - Linux Guest (Debian Buster) - ESXi 6.7 Host - OpenCL

I’m having some issues getting a Vega 64 PCIe card to properly passthrough to my linux vm on ESXi 6.7.

I’m looking to use OpenCL for some hashcat related use, and plex transcoding, and maybe windows gaming if I can also get it properly detected in a Windows VM.

The issue I have is that I’m not sure what the right combination of linux guest OS and drivers I should be trying for best success. So far I’ve tried debian buster on the latest kernel and Ubuntu 14 and 16 without success.

Also what drivers are people using on the linux platform for use with the passthrough GPU?


If it is passed through, then it should be the exact same as if it was on a bare metal install.

Make sure that you are passing through both the GPU and the GPU audio. Also, RX vega cards have a reset bug that causes issues if the guest is shutdown or possibly even just rebooted.

AMDGPU is the only Linux driver for RX Vega cards, although you may want to stick with more recent Ubuntu releases such as 18.10 as the AMDGPU version is much newer.

AMDGPU isn’t tied to disto release, but to kernel version. Any OS with a recent kernel will work. (fedora comes to mind)

Okay, what specifically is your problem? You’re not saying what exactly is failing.

Also, if you want us to help troubleshoot, you’re going to need to give us other hardware details. Can you post full system specs?

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