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Vega 64 or 5700xt

I am thinking of buying a new gpu and before the Navi release I was going for the v64 but now I am a little lost.
I would like gpu that is not only good for gaming since I use ps, lightwave and unity alot but also I don’t want it to be bad for gaming either, like I said lost. Any advise is highly appreciated.

Get the 5700xt once aib partners start putting better coolers on them.


Thanks. Well the cooler is not important since I’ll add it to the loop but now I know what to go for, will most likely give it a month to let the price settle.

Oh ok, well the ek block for the 5700xt ships soonish so there’s that.

I think the overclocking headroom on that card will be better than the 64 but I have no data to back that up. I’m a filthy nvidiot.

I was kinda debating about the same thing.
But studying some benchmarks the 5700XT seems to me the better card overall.
When it comes to productivity workloads it kinda depends on the applications you use.

Maybe you might also take a look into a 5700.

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Are you planning on getting a 3rd gen ryzen chip? If so, and you are close to one, microcenter is bundling any 3rd gen with a 5700 and xt variant. You get the xt for 350 USD or non xt for 300.

How’s the thermal effiency on these cards?

I’d hold off to see how the 5700(xt) cards do on your specific workload.

Vega (in general) is a compute monster. Navi has less available compute (but the compute it DOES have is more easily usable by games). If your primary uses are not gaming, you MAY be better off with Vega 64, you’d definitely be better off with Radeon VII. You can pick up Vega 64 right now pretty cheap though.

Both the Vega cards will have more mature driver support at this point.

So right now, i’d wait until you see just how Navi performs on your workload. They’re faster at gaming, but raw compute performance is 60-70 percent of Vega 64. Gaming: Vega 64 is pretty much as fast as the 5700 and generally within 10-15% of 5700XT.

Depends where your priorities are, but if they are not gaming as priority #1, and you can get Vega 64 cheap enough, it all hinges on how well Navi works on your production workload… thus… wait for benchmarks.