Vega 56 won't load VFIO kernel driver

Was able to setup this machine in testing a couple weeks ago with a GTX 650TI running Manjaro host OS and RX 570 passthrough to Windows 10VM using virt-manager. I have since upgraded a few things with a fresh install of Manjaro and can no longer get this to work.

System specs:
Asus Prime X570-P
2x 8GB 3600 G.Skill
Crucial P1 NVMe SSD 1TB
GTX 650TI (for Host OS, Manjaro)
Vega 56 (for guest Windows OS, not setup yet)

As far as I understand, I’ve followed all the same steps to do this as I did previously. But for some reason, I can’t seem to get the Vega 56 to load with the VFIO kernel driver. It was loading with the amdgpu default drivers, but I blacklisted that. Now it doesn’t show any driver, just the kernel module.

The GPU and it’s audio component are on their own IOMMU groups and nothing else.

Anyone have any suggestion for how to get this to work? I must be missing something simple, but just can’t figure it out. Been searching and troubleshooting all afternoon.

Thanks in advance.

And of course, after hours and hours and hours trying to figure it out, the moment I make a post asking for help, I find the solution. Never fails…

The problem was I created a modules file instead of modifying the existing modules file which is named a little differently than in the tutorial. Lesson learned. :wink: